Find out all the secret of this sunny peninsula! Discover the itineraries where the warmth of the blue Mediterranean is exalted by the peaceful charm of picturesque Istrian medieval towns in the inland.
Whether you prefer setting off on your Istrian adventure by spreading all canvas at sea or roaming through its enchanting scenery on your bicycle.
If you long for gastronomical treats and divine drops of the finest native wines, you will find your harbour in one of the numerous country tourisms and wine cellars you are at the right place!

Dive into the crystal clear Adriatic Sea under the ancient sun

The blue flag marks only the best beaches of Europe. Blue flags flutter on more than 40 Istrian beaches. They represent the ecological prestige of recognizing and preserving natural values with constant maintainance and checking on the sea quality, educating and informating the public about the environment and insuring the maximal safety to the visitors with all modern additional services and facilities. Considering the quality and purity of the sea, out of 537 km of the coast, 99.6% of Istrian beaches today are suitable for swimming.
What is waiting for you here is a true challenge for all those with particularly curious minds who will be able to discover the miraculous flora and fauna in the depth of the sea as well as the contours of  sunken towns, the wreckage of a galley and many ships...

Amazing views wherever you go – Find hidden treasures of untouched nature

White, gray and red, Istria is a land whose diversity is almost unique in the Mediterranean. This heart-shaped piece of land deeply immersed into the blue waters of the Adriatic, is a secluded garden of nature and extraordinary beauty. Istrian landscapes are unique; numerous islands and islets, gentle bays, mild coves covered with pebbles and natural ports freshened by landward breeze, exuding a genuine Mediterranean charm.
The climate here is as unique as its flora. Everywhere you look the Mediterranean melts with the  mainland. Northern woods of oaks and beeches cast their shades, cultivating the underground  treasure - the truffle. Towards west and south, they slowly give way to fragrant pines and the Mediterranean macchia (dense evergreen shrubs). And hard-working peasants have further enhanced it with thousand-year-old olive-trees and wine grapes. It is a beautiful land, Istria. So, do not hesitate - enter this hidden garden of nature and meet its wonderful, intact landscape. You will become aware of the perfect harmony of the Mediterranean and middle Europe.

Charming days in enchanting Istrian towns!

Scattered along the coasts and hillocks, amidst the vineyards and olive - groves, Istrian small towns look as if they have just descended from a painting. If you want to truly experience Istria in all its diversity, start from Pula, Rovinj, or Pore`e, then go to Svetvin`eenat and Dvigrad, and finally to Motovun or Hum. In Rovinj you will recognize the contours and heritage of Venice, in Pazin the spirit of Austria will speak for itself. Do not hesitate, for a short time leave the tales of the sea and salt, murmur of the crowd and romantic ships anchored in the lively port, and head to the fairylike paths of the undulating landscape. Whether it is Motovun, Groznjan, Završje, Oprtalj or the smallest town in the world, Hum, a walk though its stony streets will quickly become a magical journey through history. Although they seem to look alike, each of these mediaeval towns is unique. Be curious, peek into the doorways, and inspect coats of arms and palaces. Step into the churches and rest in the shades of the chapels. If you meet someone, feel free to stop that person and ask whatever comes to your mind.
People here are gentle and kind, and will be glad to tell you the story of Istria - a piece of land where the greatest diversities exist side by side in harmony.

Breathtaking history from stirring ancient times - Three thousand years of history waiting to be discovered

You will arrive at a noble interchange of civilizations on a piece of land whose cultural arboretum has been settled from the time of the Histrians, Celts, Romans and Lombards, over Byzantine, the Slavs and Venetians, to Franks and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. With its autochthonous gods, its agical world of Glagolitsa, its unique musical scale, Istria is a land whose authenticity simply lures you. Like Rome, lies on seven hills and boasts about its famous Arena. This is truly a land of wonders, thought Jules Werne as he wrote about the subterranean Pazin Pit in his novel “Matthias Sandorf”. Be sure to look into the churches of Istria, enjoy the lively medieval frescos and the world of the amazing lagolitic alphabet. Discover the window from which James Joyce, without truly comprehending the extent of his literary fame, daydreamed about the career of a tenor. And then you might see why it is so special. Istria is an enchantress with thousand faces who has been seducing its visitors for many centuries.

Unique flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine – natural ingredients for unforgettable tastes, scents and memories

Discover the enchantments of flavor and scent of this wonderful country in which, as Cassiodorus wrote in 537, “patricians lead the lives of Gods”. A table filled with seafood brought to the surface from the turquoise depths of Poseidon, here is as cultivated as the humble asparagus and legendary truffle, the underground treasure taken right from the plates of Hades.Crust of home-made bread is dipped into the golden liquid of the best olive oil in the world, while the palates are ennobled by the finest of wines.
Food taken from the sea and soil simmer in the cauldron of happiness over the fire of passion made of olives and grape-vine. Rosemary, laurel, basil and thyme that sprout up on the footpath,
crown the bites that you bring to your mouth. Do not hesitate, if you pick a sprig, it will carry the memory of the warm Mediterranean scent for a long time to come.
Whether you chose delicacies of the sea or a delicious truffle, the golden drops of the autochthonous Malmsey, the fragrant Momjan Muscat or ruby-colored Teran that Casanova used to refresh himself with, these superb pleasures will stay in your memory forever.