The old mediaeval town of Labin is fi lled with art ateliers, in which you can feel what it means to be at the center of art itself. Here you can not only look at art works, but experience them, live them…
During the summer months, be sure not to miss the cultural art project called “Labin Art Republika”. It takes place at the very center of the old town, the unique and unforgettable monumental milieu. During this project, the old town becomes a place of great art events, creating a magical combination of tradition, recent art scene, acting and music, authentic crafts and traditional offer.
Labin is situated on the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula, only 40 km away from Pula and 60 km from Rijeka. This historical and administrative center of eastern Istria, used to be inhabited as early as 2000 BC. Taking a walk through the Mediterranean and European history, your attention will be drawn by the Municipal Loggia and numerous palaces, mediaeval fortifications with Renais-sance bastion, and the 17th century church tower – the highest point from which one can see Rabac and Kvarner bay. While in the old town, be sure to visit the Battiala-Lazzarini palace in which the National Museum is situated. It contains supreme archeological and ethnological collections and the unique mine imitation. Also, there is the Francovich palace, and the memorial collection of Matija Vla`eiae Ilirik, Martin Luther’s associate and one of the most famous European Protestants. Labin also has a small theater built in 1843.
From the magnifi cent belvedere you will see Rabac, once a small fishing place, today a beautiful tourist destination with excellently preserved environment which secured it the title of “The Pearl of the Kvarner bay”.
Should you choose to go further from the coast, you will find peace and quiet in the intact nature. You can take the hiking path, Labin hiking trail or the mountainbike trails. Moving further to the inland, make sure that you visit the Dubrova Park of sculptures, the small town of Plomin and the village of Piaean.
After visiting these lovely towns, you will find that your soul has truly been uplifted.

Don’t miss in Labin:

  • Fortica – belvedere
  • Round bastion (16th – 17th century)
  • Municipla loggia and palace (16th century)
  • Battiala – Lazzarini palace – National Museum Labin
  • Franchovich palace – Memorial collection of M. V. Ilirika
  • Church of St. Mary of Health – Sacral art collection
  • Gallery „Alvona“ and City gallery
  • Labin Art Republika
  • Dubrova – Sculpture Park