Today, Rabac is a well-known tourist resort. By the middle of the 19th century, it was a small fishermen village with hardly ten houses. Due to the beautiful bay and splendid, tame surroundings, it soon attracted first visitors. In 1876, Richard Francis Burton, an English writer and a passionate traveler, was among the first tourists who stayed in Rabac.

“Quarnaro”, the first hotel in Rabac, was opened on 11th June, 1889. Kaiser, the Austrian officer, who was a regular client of that first hotel, later bought Dubrova, an estate close to Labin. Today, Dubrova is hosting the Mediterranean Sculptors Symposium and is becoming ever more famous for its magnificent park of sculptures. The chronicle writers would point out yet another curiosity - at the beginning of this century in 1907, Prince Ferdinand, the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne, visited Rabac and was saluted by people who had gathered in the harbor. The inhabitants of Rabac were skilled fishermen, seamen and owners of some ten sailboats which were either destroyed in the maelstrom of the Second World War or pushed back by modern ships.

The first larger hotel was built in the period of the Italian government in 1925 in the very center of Rabac and was called “Trieste” -its name today is “Primorje”.
Ten years after “Trieste”, the “Dopolavoro” hotel was built - presently the “Jadran” restaurant. Tourism in Istria, as well as in Rabac, began to develop during the sixties, when this small resort, due to its natural beauty , got the flattering name of “The Pearl of the Kvarner Bay”. Since then, all existing hotels, apartments, camping sites and the majority of the private houses have been built.

Among the visitors, for years now, the most numerous have been Germans and Austrians followed by English and Italians. Rabac can accommodate in one day even 11.000 visitors, mainly foreign, and several thousand bathers from Labin and its surroundings.

Owing to its string of white pebbled beaches lush Mediterranean vegetation and crystal clear turqouise sea, it was given the name of „The pearl of the Adriatic“. Whilst it is the ideal place for family holidays during the summer months, it also offers in Spring and Autumn a wide range of activities for the sports-minded as well as tranquility for the older visitors.
Rabac, an oasis of peace for the soul and the body, it looks fabulous viewed from the land, the sea or the sky!


You can choose from numerous boat excursions such as the dolphin-safari, excursion to the island of Cres, a visit to Venice by catamaran, and so on. More info here.
If you especially enjoy the sea, you will love the sailing boat regatta or the race of the rowboats, accompanied by lovely Mediterranean melodies.
Those who prefer the night life will especially enjoy Rabac. There are discos, beach bars and numerous top music events.